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How to Place Your First Fiverr Order
  • 10 Jul 2023

How to Place Your First Fiverr Order

You just signed up as a freelancer on Fiverr, but you have yet to get your first order. To acquire your first order on Fiverr and place your Gig at the top, read these exclusive tips.

Fiverr is one of the biggest online freelancing marketplaces and is well known for its online freelance jobs, however, due to the fierce competition, it may sometimes be challenging to get orders on Fiverr. Fiverr links independent contractors with people who need their skills. It is crucial because it makes it possible for organizations and people to identify and recruit qualified specialists for a range of jobs, including graphic design, writing, programming, and more.

How does Fiverr's Gig work? A specialized job or service, similar to a presentation, is called a gig on Fiverr. Each job contains a title and a description that details the work the freelancer will do. Examples of tasks include logo design, content writing, video editing, graphic design, animated explainers, video ads & commercials, and programming. According to their demands, buyers explore and browse through several jobs before placing an order with the selected freelancer.

The primary question, though, is: Why aren't you receiving orders on Fiverr? I am certain that you will get orders in two days if you heed my sincere advice.

Online Seller

Unique Titles and Tags

It's crucial to pay attention to the title and tags you provide when establishing a Gig on Fiverr.

Before generating the job, choose the expertise and do an SEO keyword search.

Look through the top five jobs on Fiver related to your talent.

Take note of the concerts' titles and tags.

Pencil it down on paper.

Now concentrate on the key elements and themes found in those 5 titles.

Create your original title after analyzing those 5 titles.

Choose 5 distinct, top-notch, widely-used, and typical tags for your task.

The important phase is now at hand. Create your gig and carefully choose your category and subcategory before pasting the title and tags.

You may now click the save button to finish the crucial step.


On Fiverr, packages are a crucial component of a job. When developing packages for your job, bear the following in mind:

On Fiverr, type in your primary keyword.

Ensure that Best Selling has informed you of the results.

Read the bundles of 7 to 8 random gigabytes carefully.

Now look at the typical elements there.

Create your bundle now, but start with affordable costs.

After some time, you may also modify your packages.

In other words, while creating your packages, take note of other successful jobs' packages.


A client's decision to order your gig or not on Fiverr may be influenced by the description of your gig. When drafting the description, have the following in mind:

The description of your Gig is the second most crucial element.

In the description of your Gig, write something remarkable and simple.

Avoid making spelling or grammar mistakes since they provide a terrible impression.

Make sure your description is search engine optimized.

A description that is SEO-friendly can help your gig rank well.

Try to be clear about your talent and service in your description since it draws your consumer and is more than simply an ordinary description.

A thorough explanation can aid the consumer in comprehending your work and persuade them to make an order.

Try to include a very demanding statement in your description.

Be Active

Being active on Fiverr is crucial since it enables you to get orders there. If you use a smartphone to access Fiver, be careful to refresh the website every five minutes since Fiverr sometimes displays offline to customers. Make sure the Online Seller or Active button is turned on.



How can I request a Fiverr review with five stars?

Please consider leaving a review for me; it will help me stand out on Fiverr and let me know how I'm doing. It would be fantastic if you could give me a rating using the "star" system and spend around 30 seconds writing a phrase or two about the service.

How can I earn $100 on Fiverr?

You may get benefits for you and your friends via the Fiverr Referral program. Your buddy joins Fiverr and receives 10% off their initial order; you get credit for 10% of their initial purchase up to a maximum of $100 per order.

A Level 1 seller on Fiverr is what?

There are a few prerequisites you must fulfill to get Level 1 status: You have a minimum of 60 days of active selling experience. You've completed at least 10 orders overall. You have made at least $400. 60 days have passed with you maintaining a 4.7-star rating.